My Favorite Spots at the LA Farmers Market

6174630496_IMG_0115You guys….welcome to the best place on earth aka the Farmers Market off of Fairfax in Los Angeles (not to be confused with the happiest place on earth, which is of course, Disney). I have been to this market a handful of times but today I took my mom for the first time. Literally as soon as she stepped off of her 9 hour flight from Jersey, she hopped in my car and we bee lined it for the market.  I plugged the address into google maps…50 minutes to go 10 miles…absolutely nothing was going to stop us. 

We pulled into the parking lot and walked into the market. I always enter by this adorable “old school” gas station 6174630496_IMG_0101Once we passed the gas station we entered into the promised land. A promised land full of food, souvenirs….and hot sauce. 6174630496_IMG_0106 We walked around a bit and I showed my mom my favorite spots to grab bites to eat…Bob’s Coffee and Donuts (BEST crumb cake donut and French vanilla coffee in probably all of the continental U.S.) 6174630496_IMG_0113Patsy D’Amore’s Pizza (totally greasy but totally delicious pepperoni pizza) 6174630496_IMG_0114Greenhouse Produce (the freshest produce (shocker) and amazing smoothie bowls)

6174630496_IMG_01086174630496_IMG_01056174630496_IMG_0104For lunch we decided to eat at Tusquellas Fish and Oyster Bar.  It was my first time eating there and you bet your bottom dollar I would go back for a second and third time. We both got crab cake melts with a side of fries and seafood pasta 6174630496_IMG_0111Just looking at this picture makes me want to run to my car and drive an hour back up to the market so I can have this in my mouth again. The crab cake was so flavorful and fresh tasting and the seafood pasta was FILLED with different kinds of seafood…they did not skimp out on the seafood part. I would highly recommend.

Other great places to eat are Moishe’s Restaurant (amazing gyro plates), Loteria Grill (if you’re in the mood for enchiladas please go here…and let’s be honest who isn’t always in the mood for enchiladas?!), and Littlejohn’s English Toffee House (best toffee brittle you will ever have). If you are in the Los Angeles area and are hungry or just want a fun place to people watch, I highly recommend going to the Farmers Market off of Fairfax. Take a look at their website here. And if you do go check it out be sure to leave a comment down below letting me know your favorite places! 6174630496_IMG_0109Cheers!!


3 thoughts on “My Favorite Spots at the LA Farmers Market

  1. We just visited the LA Farmers Market this week and loved it. Did you swing by Nonna’s Empanadas yet? Those little buggers are so tasty and they have crazy flavors like chicken alfredo and macaroni and cheese: …we can’t wait to go back and try more spots. We totally missed the old school gas station you pointed out in your post. Will have to check that out next time.


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