Falling for Flannels

Outfit pic 1 for blog post 8:23

Boy do I love me a good flannel. I think I have about 8 or 9 in my closet right now and I wear them all year round. They’re perfect for winter…to snuggle up in a mens extra large one, perfect for spring and summer…to tie around your waist, and perfect for fall…to wear when you’re going pumpkin picking! Now I know fall is still a month away, but I wanted to share with you guys one of my go to outfits that is great for 80 degree weather (if you live in the LA area like I do, or the 60 degree weather if you live somewhere where you actually get a fall season)….lucky you.

Outfit pic 5 for blog post 8:23Outfit pic 17 for blog post 8:23

I paired this adorable pink and gray stripped flannel with a very versatile gray t-shirt dress from J Crew. This is a great outfit if you’re going to be out all day…you can wrap the flannel around your waist during the hottest part of the day, then when it gets cooler in the afternoon you can just throw it on over your dress.

Outfit pic 3 for blog post 8:23Outfit pic 10 for blog post 8:23

I wore my light blue and silver Jack Rogers to dress the look up a bit.

Outfit pic 11 for blog post 8:23Outfit pic 12 for blog post 8:23

But you could also throw on a pair of sneakers (I threw on my Adidas Superstar’s) to give this a more casual look.

Outfit pic 15 for blog post 8:23

Gray and Pink Flannel (not the exact one I’m wearing but same brand and very similar colors) // J Crew t shirt dress // Jack Rogers sandal (link is to white trim instead of silver) // Adidas Superstar shoes

This is the perfect outfit for whatever you might be doing during the day so go check all these items out! I think a few sites are even having some sales! Woohoo! Flannels (in my opinion) are a must have for every season.

Now I will leave you with some flannel puns…enjoy…

Also I just created my YouTube channel and would love it if you guys checked it out! Click here to watch my first video!


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