Affordable Fall Fashion

Happy happy Fall everyone!! Well I guess it’s not technically actually Fall yet…but Starbucks now has PSL’s and Target has their Fall seasonal section out…so in my book (and Starbucks and Target’s book), it’s Fall. In this post I want to share with you guys my favorite Fall pieces (and they’re mostly all affordable…yay!!). To me, Fall means snuggling up in big sweaters and flannels, lighting Bath and Body Works Vanilla Pumpkin Marshmallow candles, trying to persuade your boyfriend to go apple picking with you, and eating lots of Halloween candy. Before jumping into the fashion part of this post, I would just like to count how many times I said Fall in this one paragraph…7 times. That’s 6 times too many. Sorry for being so repetitive, that spiked apple cider I had earlier must have gotten to me. Kidding kidding, it’s only 3pm here…

Now onto the important fashion stuff because that’s why you all clicked on this post!


First outfit up is this one. I love this red/orangey color for Fall!! This shirt is so flowy and comfy…you can eat all the pumpkin bread you want and no one would ever notice! It pairs perfectly with these dark wash jeans and tan booties. (By the way these are my all time favorite booties and they’re super cheap!) I bought this shirt from Entourage in Clemson, SC and I couldn’t find it on their website so I’ll link something similar below.

                                          Similar Orange Top // Jeans // Similar Booties


This is probably my absolute favorite Fall sweater. It’s a gorgeous dusty pink/rosey color and it’s the perfect knit and weight. It’s not too chunky but it’s super soft and the small size is big enough to where you can snuggle up in it! It goes really well with these army green colored leggings (another great color for Fall). These leggings have a cute zipper detail on the side which adds another cool element to them. These brown booties are super comfy and look great with pretty much any outfit!

                                                            Sweater // Pants // Booties


This is another amazing Fall sweater. It’s pretty light weight and is perfect for 60 degree or 70 degree days. It’s pretty oversized, so cuff the sleeves and you’ll be good to go! The light wash jeans are super stretchy (they’re on sale at American Eagle!!) so basically this whole outfit couldn’t be comfier!

                                                     Sweater // Jeans // Booties


This outfit is perfect for every day…super casual but still super cute. I love graphic tees and this is one of my favorites. Unfortunately it is from last season so it’s not available but I’ll try to find one as close as possible to it. This army green jacket is light weight but still keeps you cool (if you’re actually using it for practical purposes) and I mean come on, who doesn’t love a pair of Adidas SuperStars?! I literally wear these all year round.

                                           T-Shirt // Jacket // Jeans // Best Sneaks Ever


I love knotting t-shirts in the front because I feel like it gives the shirt more shape. I pretty much knot them all the time (as you saw in the previous outfit pic and as you’ll see in the ones coming up). I threw on this long gray sweater and paired it with those light wash jeans and sneakers. I wear this sweater on the reg (yes I even find a way to wear it in the summer). Unfortunately I couldn’t find the same one on the Misguided website so I found a similar one on the Forever 21 website.

                                      T-Shirt // Similar Sweater // Jeans // Supa Starsss


The only thing that’s different about this outfit is that I threw a flannel on instead of a sweater. This flannel is from the men’s section of American Eagle (yes, the men’s section). I love me an oversized flannel so you’ll only find me shopping in that section. Not only is this a men’s but it’s also a large. Too much, you might ask? No never.

                     Similar Colored Flannel // and the rest is tagged in the previous outfit


I decided to dress this outfit up a little bit by wearing those tan booties. If you wanted to dress it down you could wear those Adidas sneakers. This is another one of my favorite flannels, it’s super soft but also not as oversized. It is on the expensive side but I think it’s worth the splurge because of the feel and color (it has a really unique color scheme).

                       Same Shirt but Different Color // Softest Flannel Ever // Jeans // Booties

I’ll insert a few close ups of each pair of shoes just to give you a better idea of what they look like.


And that’s a wrap on this Fall fashion post!! If you guys liked any of these outfits please comment down below…I would love to hear from you!!

Now I’m going to go throw on some fuzzy Halloween socks, light my Bath and Body Works candle, and google easiest pumpkin bread recipes…


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