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Football is back!! I repeat, football is back!! I am so excited the NFL regular season is here…for a couple of reasons…1) I love football, 2) I get to see my boyfriend’s (his name is Seth) hard work pay off (he coaches for the Los Angeles Chargers), and 3) I can’t wait to see my two favorite teams the Giants and the Chargers win win win no matter what! Shoutout DJ Khalid. Now that football is back my weekends are all about the ol pigskin! When the Chargers have a home game, I will of course, go to that and if they have an away game you’ll find me ordering a lot of food, putting a face mask on, and watching the game at home on my couch. Throughout my years of going to football games (4 years at Clemson and now this first year with the Chargers) I have come up with the best list of things that need to make it in your bag when you’re going to the big game. It took me many games to perfect this…sometimes I would forget chapstick and my lips would be like the Saharah Desert on a summers day, or I would forget my phone charger and my phone would be out of battery by the 2nd quarter. But after almost 5 years (took me long enough right?) I now have the game day essentials down to a science. If you want to know exactly what you should throw in that adorable clear bag (sarcasm) so you’re all set for the game, then just keep reading! (I’ll include an actual check list at the end of this post)

So the NFL (and most college stadiums) now only let you bring clear bags (or extremely small clutches that like no one owns) into the stadium. So the first thing on your checklist should be a clear bag.

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Then I’ll make sure I have the basics like my wallet and sunglasses. I get my ticket from Seth the day before the game so of course I have to remember to pack that too.

Side story- last year when Clemson was in the National Championship my mom and I went to watch Seth play and cheer on the Tigers. We went to every post season game together…which made for some amazing memories. Anyway, at the national championship game we had to park 2 miles away and walk to the stadium (and I was wearing heels…like why). We got to the stadium about an hour before the game and my poor mom realized she forgot her ticket in the car. Long story short she was able to talk her way into the game because we knew the ticketing people…but that definitely won’t work every time! So learn from my mom’s mistake…dont forget your ticket!!

Since I like getting to the stadium 1-2 hours before kick off to see Seth out on the field, my phone is usually at 10% by the 4th quarter. So I also make sure to bring my phone charger because if I have to, I can always find an outlet somewhere in the stadium…or charge it on the drive home after the game (which is what I usually end up doing). I’ll also pack a snack because since I try to eat healthy (most days) I don’t want to buy the stadium nachos or hot dogs every weekend. I know you’re probably thinking “Meg you literally packed 7 crackers how on earth is that going to hold you over for 5 hours?” and that’s because before I leave for the stadium I’ll eat a really big meal. If it’s a night game then I’ll have an early dinner or if it’s an afternoon game I’ll have a big lunch or breakfast.

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The next thing I throw in is my cosmetic bag. I use this Lilly Pulitzer one because it’s the perfect size. In this bag I put some tissue, some Advil, hand cream, hand sanitizer, lip balm, and hair spray. I don’t like going anywhere without Advil because I think headaches are really annoying and if I get one during the game, I don’t want it to ruin my time or my focus (yes, I actually really watch the game). Last year I drove down to Florida State to watch them play against Clemson…an 8 hour drive. When I got there I had such a bad headache but couldn’t for the life of me find a drugstore anywhere. So Seth had to ask the team doctor for some “no label” Advil. He threw it to me from on the field, I took it, and within 2 minutes (literally) my headache was gone. Now yes, that stuff was amazing, but it was also sketchy…so I made sure from that game forward to always pack some Advil.

During the Fall and Winter seasons my hands and lips get super dry so I make sure to pack some lotion and lip balm. I usually reapply both at least 3 times throughout the game. I bring hairspray because if I have a cute hairstyle goin on I can’t have the wind messing it up. Ya know? I usually always pack a sweater of some kind (it’s usually the long gray one that I blogged about in my last post…see here) because in LA it does get sort of cool at night. So I’ll stuff something in my bag at the last minute (I didn’t include a picture of the sweater stuffed in my bag because that’s not a cute look).

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And there ya have it! All your game day essentials! This list can of course can be used for NBA, MLB, NHL etc games! This weekend the Chargers have an away game in Denver so I’ll be posted up on the couch in my Chargers shirt, eating food, and cheering the boys on! But I can’t wait for next weekend because it’s the first home game!! And you bet I’ll be packing all this stuff in my clear bag…I will be set for anything that game day throws at me!

Check List:

  • Clear bag
  • Wallet
  • Sunglasses
  • Ticket for game
  • Phone charger
  • Snacks
  • Cosmetic bag
  • Hand sanitizer
  • Lip balm
  • Tissues
  • Hand lotion
  • Hairspray
  • Advil


Happy Gameday!!


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