3 Easy Ways to Use Castor Oil in Your Beauty Routine

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Ah castor oil. Everyone says you’re so good for us and we should be using you more often. But how? In what way? Why are you good for us? In this post I want to talk about the benefits of castor oil and 3 easy ways you can use it in your beauty routine. First, I want to point out that if you use castor oil in your routine, make sure it is 100% pure cold-pressed hexane free organic castor oil. Click on this one here, it’s a great one to buy…


Let’s talk about some benefits of this oil (some of these might blow your mind…they definitely blew my mind)…

  • Improves Immune Function
  • Boosts Circulation
  • Fights Skin Infections and Wounds
  • Helps Balance Hormones
  • Induces Labor
  • Heals Dry, Irritated, Sun-Burnt or Acne-Prone Skin
  • Reduces Toenail or Fingernail Fungus, Moles and Cysts
  • Relieves Constipation
  • Helps hair grow (and eye lashes) thick and long

And many many more benefits that I won’t list or else this post will be way too long. But you get the idea.

Castor oil is an age old beauty treatment. It has natural antibacterial and antifungal properties and is high in Vitamin E, minerals, proteins, and Omega 6 and 9 beneficial fatty acids. Its unusually high ricinoleic acid ratio makes it beneficial to skin and hair. But enough of this scientific talk…let’s get into these 3 easy ways you can use castor oil in your beauty routine.

FIRST WAY: (for hair growth)

  1. Take some oil (about a quarter size) in your hands and work it through your hair from the roots to the tips and massage well. Make sure to not use too much.
  2. Leave the oil in for about 15-20 minutes or overnight if you’re feelin adventerous.
  3. When you want to take it off, it’s going to take a lot of shampoo so be prepared. Shampoo your hair until the oil is out.
  4. Once your hair is washed, towel dry it and don’t use any styling tools for a few hours.

Do these steps a couple times a month and your hair will end up being longer, shinier, free of dandruff, and thicker. Look at that gorgeous mane!

SECOND WAY: (for eyelash growth)

  1. Clean your eyes with a gentle cleanser making sure all makeup is off.
  2. Take an eyeliner brush (or a brand new mascara spoolie) and dip it into the oil.
  3. If using a brush, take the brush and apply the oil to the root of your lashes (and on your lashes too if you want.) If using a spoolie, take it and run it through your lashes like you would if you were applying mascara.
  4. It’s best to do this at night so the oil has time to sink into your skin and hair follicles. So in the morning, remove the excess oil with a makeup wipe and voila!

Do these steps as often as you want…you will probably see results quicker than you will with the hair treatment. Get ready to bat those gorgeous, long eyelashes at all them cute boys!

THIRD WAY: (to help reduce under eye bags and puffiness)

  1. Gently rub 2 drops of Castor oil under your eyes every night before you go to sleep.

That’s it!! I mean how simple is that?! I have serious problems with bags under my eyes so this is a must do for me.

Castor oil is relatively cheap and a bottle will last you for a long long time, since a little goes a long way with this stuff. It’s basically miracle oil and I’m about to go stock up on some more myself!


7 thoughts on “3 Easy Ways to Use Castor Oil in Your Beauty Routine

  1. Actually I researched and found peppermint oil is a good at controlling hair fall. So I thought I should try and castor oil is famous for the different properties you have mentioned already. 🙂


  2. Just did a post on castor oil on my blog yesterday and yes it’s amazing the amount if bsnefits, I was going to add pregnancy stretch marks to the list but was unsure if that was a fact or not ? So if anyone knows please get in touch x

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