10 Reasons to be Happy Today

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A lot of horrible things have been going on in our world recently, from natural disasters to man made disasters. I’m not going to go into detail about everything that has happened because I’m sure you are all aware. We’re living through a tough time on our little planet called Earth. I feel useless not being able to help every single person who is hurting right now, whether they’re hurting from these natural disasters, man made disasters, or just going through something tough in their lives. So I wanted to write this post because if you are someone who happens to read this and are hurting right now for one reason or another, I hope this helps (even if it only helps the teeny tiniest bit). Who knows, maybe only 30 people see this post, but if it could help even just 1 of them, then that’s all I could ask for.

10 Reasons to be Happy Today:

1. You are beautiful

2. There is always hope (even if it doesn’t feel like it in the moment)

3. Cute puppies exist CUTE PUPPY

4. People love you

5. Very, very much

6. It’s fall and you can look outside at the pretty leaves changing colors

7. You have goals and dreams

8. Donuts, Nutella, and pizza exist

9. You are stronger than you know

10. You are alive.


“The key to being happy is knowing you have the power choose what to except and what to let go.” -Dodinsky



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