How I Gained 2,000 Followers in 2 Months on Instagram

I started my blog back on August 11, 2017…the same day I created my blog’s Instagram account. I remember thinking, “wow wouldn’t it be great if I could reach 100 followers on the gram by the beginning of September!” … I reached 100 followers in like 3 days. I was blown away! I would literally gain (and still do gain) roughly 50 followers a day without having to try super hard or SPEND ANY MONEY. This isn’t going to be some gimmicky post where I try to sell you a random product or subscription to some “all knowing” company who claims they can boost your followers in no time at all. No, I did this all on my own (and still do the steps I’m going to list below, now 2 months later!)

In this post I want to talk to you guys about the tips and tricks I learned and used to help grow my Instagram account from 0 followers to over 2,000 followers in less than 2 months. I know everyone is talking about the Instagram algorithms and how they are loosing followers and engagement, but honestly, my account has been perfectly fine! (fingers crossed) So if you want to see how to become #instafamous (kidding I have 2k followers not 200k) then keep on reading!

  • I followed a lot of people who were in the same niche as me. So since I am a fashion and beauty blogger (mostly), I followed those kind of accounts. Only small fashion and beauty bloggers though, not the ones who have like 200k followers because they won’t follow you back. Now don’t go crazy, don’t go following 100 people a day…follow a handful here and there and more than likely they will follow you back! Again, make sure they’re in your niche because that will ensure you get exposure in the right places.
  • Liking and commenting. You get a like! You get a like! You all get likes!! (to be said in Oprah’s voice). Seriously, I liked and commented on a lot of people’s pictures. If you don’t want to go around following people, then throw them a like and comment instead. They will see it and more times than not, they will head on over to your Insta page and see what you’re all about.
  • Next up is tagging…make sure to use a bunch of hashtags (relevant hashtags) at the end of each of your pictures. There is a theory that if you stay away from hashtags that 1 million people are using (looking at you #fashionblogger) and you use more targeted hashtags that maybe 5,000 people are using, you might get more exposure and views. Yes, I’ve tried this but you also better believe I’m still using #fall and #fashionblogger whenever the heck I want to! Because #basic. Ok I’m done. Also be sure to tag the products that are in each picture. This is another great way to increase your exposure throughout your niche.
  • Become a member of Instagram “liking and commenting” groups. (I can’t think of the actual name for them). I remember I was on Instagram for maybe 3 weeks when I got my first Insta group invitation. These groups are designed to boost their member’s engagement and followers. Perfect for growing accounts! Once you’re in the group, follow everyone (they will follow you back) and begin interacting with them. Members will post in the group when they have a new Instagram picture up and everyone in the group “should” go like the picture and comment on it. These Instagram groups are great ways to not only grow your engagement but also great ways to meet awesome people who share the same interests as you!
  • Comment on Twitter threads that are started by bloggers. I created my own blogging Twitter account and started following a bunch of bloggers. And it seems like every day someone is starting an “Instagram follow thread”. This is where everyone will copy and paste a link to their Insta page and then go through the thread and follow everyone else who has done the same.
  • And last but not least, to wrap it all up…stay active, stay engaged, and stay positive. Believe me, I know, it’s super annoying and disheartening when you see your engagement drop or when you see your following drop. Stick with it and keep being active and supportive of other people’s accounts!

And now to end this post…I am going to say something that contradicts everything I just wrote….the numbers don’t really truly matter. (I mean ok lets be honest, they sort of do) but it shouldn’t be all about the numbers. Like what you’re doing, put everything you have into it, work hard, be persistent and you will reach your goals (numbers related, post related, engagement related or whatever related) in no time!


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    • I’ve been invited to a few…or a lot of people post on Twitter that they’re looking for more people to join their pod. You could even start your own! Just invite like 10 people to join your pod!

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