Fall Simmer Pot Recipe

fall simmer pot blog post 10:7 pic 4

What smells better than a Bath and Body Work’s Apple Cinnamon candle you might ask? A fall simmer pot!! Trust me, it really does smell better than any fall candle you will ever smell. And you know me, I’m all about a good candle…but nothing beats the smell of fresh ingredients simmering on the stove. My mom used to make something similar to this when I was growing up so whenever I make this myself, it brings back good mems.

Now you might be wondering to yourself, why on earth would I go through all the trouble of making this, when in just two seconds I could light a candle? Well let me tell you…1) it’s actually really quick and easy 2) it fills up the house/apartment/room faster with it’s scent than a candle does 3) these are fresh ingredients that smell amazing and sometimes it’s good to not burn a candle that has a bunch of fake ingredients in it and 4) just look at this picture…

fall simmer pot blog post 10:7 pic 4

Like I literally shouldn’t have to say anything more.

Another question you might be asking is, when will I ever make this? I’ll answer this one for you too…1) on any random day that you want your house to smell like the most amazingly homey, spicy, fall-y, welcome-y, cozy, house there ever was (yes I just made up half those words) and 2) if you’re having guests over and you want to wow them with your house smell. Ok enough of my rambling…lets get simmering!

fall simmer pot blog post 10:7 pic 1

Here are the ingredients you will need

And here’s the recipe that will make it all happen

fall simmer pot recipe

Some glamour shots…

fall simmer pot blog post 10:7 pic 3

fall simmer pot blog post 10:7 pic 2

Aaaanddd now that I’m finished with the post, I’m going to go stick my face over this simmer pot I just made (plz no judging) … bye!



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