The Best FREE Stock Photo Websites

Let me start out by saying, stock photos have changed my life and my blog (not to be super dramatic, but it’s true). When I first started my blog back in August, I was taking all my own pictures and using them for my blog posts, Twitter posts, and Pinterest posts. Now, I’m no professional photographer. I also don’t have a $700 camera to take super high quality pictures with. I’m sure most of you reading this don’t have that kind of camera either (but if you do I’m extremely jealous and you’re so lucky). So about a month ago I started looking into stock photo websites (free, no strings attached kinda websites) and I was really happy with what I found. I am going to list a few down below that I’ve found over this past month and let me tell you…they have really crisp, amazing, professional photos. Some are more standard with your basic photos and some are super girly with pretty and fun photos. I genuinely think stock photos have helped elevate my blogging game (and my Pinterest and Twitter game) and so I wanted to share some of my faves with you guys!

Ivory Mix

Ivory Mix

This is a really great website. If you’re new to the site you will have to create a log in and password but everything is free! Every month they upload new stock photos (about 10 a month). A lot of times they will make them specific to the month, so for example, they uploaded a bunch last October that had to do with fall, pumpkins and lattes. All you have to do is download the file for whatever month you want and voila! You have cute stock photos at your disposal! The pictures on here are definitely more blogger related and have cute flat lays of computers/flowers/pens and pencils/work spaces…you get the idea.


Stock Snap

Stock Snap

These next couple sites that I’m going to mention are all sort of similar in the way they work, but they do carry different photos. Stock Snap makes it super easy to search for basically anything you want. You can search for fall leaves and hundreds of pictures will pop up for you to download. Literally type in anything and it will give you tons of pictures to choose from. (Don’t worry I have some more girly/cutesy sites down below)




This one is similar to the one above, in that all you do is type in a category in the search bar and it will give you hundreds of pictures in that category. It says you can join for free, but I’ve never joined and can still use everything the site has to offer. In my opinion, these photos on this website are a little tiny bit better than the photos on the Stock Snap website.




Again, this one is similar to the other two where you just search for anything your blogging heart desires. I think it’s great to have a couple sites like this because if you combine these three, you literally have access to thousands and thousands of free/no strings attached photos to use.


Screen Shot 2017-10-19 at 12.22.51 PM

Rekita Nicole

Here is another really girly stock photo site and I absolutely LOVE it. If you click on this link you’ll have access to 11 free super girly stock photos but then you can enter your email address at the bottom and have access to new ones every month! (sort of like the Ivory Mix site that I listed first).


Screen Shot 2017-10-19 at 12.26.56 PM

Color U Bold

This site has amazing, super colorful photos and they’re all free! (of course, cause that’s what this post is all about) If you click on the link and enter your email to sign up, you can get 50 free stock photos! You’ll also get more free photos every month after that.


Screen Shot 2017-10-19 at 2.52.45 PM

Boss Latina

This website has very posh stock photos…lots of them are filled with pink and gold colors and who doesn’t love that? If you sign up with your email you’ll also get more free photos every month.


There ya go! I hope you guys try some of these sites out..pimp up that Insta page or that blog page! Now go find that perfect cutesy flat lay or autumnal forrest photo!


6 thoughts on “The Best FREE Stock Photo Websites

  1. This post is soooo helpful! I’m a travel blogger and while a most of my posts are photos I’ve taken on my trips, I’m starting to enhance my blog with stock photos where applicable. Thanks for breaking down these websites, I emailed this to myself and I’m going to check out each one from now on to spice up my site. Please check my blog out when you get a chance, it’s I’ve followed your site and look forward to more of your posts!

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