6 Must Have Flannels for Winter

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I can’t begin to tell you how much I love a good, soft, oversized flannel. I think they’re amazing wardrobe staple pieces for basically any time of year. In the fall and winter I wear them buttoned up, in the spring and summer I wear them tied around my waist as a cute fashion accessory. And since we’re moving into the winter months, you bet I’ll be living in my flannels. So I thought I would put together a little flannel guide…a list (with links) to all my favorite flannels. I own (and wear often) every single one I’m going to list down below…but when I went to take pictures, it got super cloudy outside so the lighting in my apartment went wacky. I’m sorry! Also…almost every single one of these flannels are on some kind of sale!! YAY!

Side note: whenever I say/think/hear the word flannel, I always think of Nicolas Flamel from Harry Potter…is that weird? …moving on…

To start out this fun flannel party let’s begin with my all time favorite. Seriously, I basically live in this one. It’s from the men’s section at American Eagle (whoops). Which is why there’s a male modeling it…


 American Eagle Men’s Flannel

This next one is super soft and girly…completely different from the one above.


 Rails Hunter Flannel

Just like the flannel above, this next one is super super soft. It reminds me of Christmas because of the colors. So festive. And yes, it’s from American Eagle but this one is from the women’s section.


 American Eagle Boyfriend Flannel

This next flannel is kinda cool because it’s a purple-y-wine color…you don’t see many of those around. It’s not as soft as the two above but it’s still super cute.


 RVCA Plaid Flannel Shirt

An oldie but a goodie…this next one is from Old Navy. It’s extra large but not as soft as some of the others. I love it because of the colors and fit.


 Old Navy Boyfriend Flannel

This last flannel is another super soft one. It’s by Rails and I think the colors are perfect. Reminds me of that classic flannel look.


 Rails Sand Navy Port Flannel


There ya have it! The best flannels (in my opinion) to invest in for this upcoming wintertime. If you love flannels like I do, I hope you found some inspo…if you don’t like flannels I hope you liked my attempted humor throughout this post.





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