Lush Christmas Products Review

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Lush goes all out for a lot of holidays…and Christmas is one of them. I pretty much live for Lush bath bombs and I know a lot of you do too! So I thought I would review some of Lush’s best Christmas products and let you know what’s bomb (so punny lol) and what’s not…

Golden Wonder Bath Bomb


I actually just bought this one yesterday and I’m so happy I did! It’s super cute and smells  fresh and fruity. When you put it in the bath…it explodes…with gold and turquoise glitter. How awesome is that.

 Star Light Star Bright Bath Bomb


If you don’t like glitter…STAY AWAY FROM THIS ONE!!! No seriously…I picked this up in the store and my hands were immediately covered. You will literally come out of the bath sparkling up to the heavens. It smells like lavender and ginger and it will make your skin feel super soft.

 Snow Fairy Bath Bomb


Snow fairy gives off a pretty pink color in the bath and it will seriously moisturize your skin. It smells pretty musky and I’m not a fan of that kind of scent. So I stay away from this one.

 Luxury Lush Pud Bath Bomb


How stinking’ cute is this?! I love the festive holly leaf (is that what it is??) in the center! When you drop it into the bath it turns the water rainbow colored and who doesn’t love that?! It smells very soothing…like lavender and vanilla.

 Snow Angel Bath Melt


This one is a bath melt, so it’s featured ingredient is cocoa butter. And you know what that means…your skin will be feeling silky smooth and moisturized once you get out of the bath. It smells of rose and turns the water a pretty gold shimmery color.

 Tree D Bath Melt

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Here we have another bath melt and this time Lush is tryna be like Lincoln Logs with this tree here. This one smells really fresh and fruity…like oranges and grapefruit. Kind of like their “you’ve been mangoed” one.

 The Snowman Bubble Bar


Um how adorable is he?! The moment I saw this one I had to buy it…and I actually used it last night. It makes the water white and bubbly, and leaves your skin feeling soft. It doesn’t have a very strong smell…just smells faintly of lemon.

 The Magic of Christmas Bubble Bar


This one is a lot different than all the other ones. The bubble bar is resting on a cinnamon stick. You can use this stick to dip the bar into the bath (or under the running water)…hold it there for a few seconds and then take it out to reuse for another time! Pretty cool! It smells of cinnamon (duh) and cloves and is the perfect bubble bar to spice up your night! Ok I’m done…that was one too many puns.


Hope you guys found some Lush products that you want to try out! I’m kind of hoping I get one of their gift baskets as a present this year…so any family that’s reading this….


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