Things to Do in New York City During Christmas Time

NYC is spectacular any time of year. My family lives about an hour away from the city so I’ve grown up going there fairly often. I even interned there a few summers ago. But Christmas time in NYC is a whole different story. It literally becomes a different world. The entire city lights up with Christmas lights, everyone becomes friendlier, and there are so many fun Christmassy things to do. If you’re lucky enough to be in NYC during this time, I wanted to share with you my favorite things to do and places to go!

Screenshot 2017-12-11 18.20.46


Going to Bryant Park is my absolute favorite thing to do during Christmas time. I mean look at how magical it is!! It has tons of cute little shops selling everything from food to clothes to knick knacks. In the center of all the shops is a big ice skating rink and a beautifully decorated Christmas tree. Every year we come here to shop around and take pictures by the tree. I also get a Nutella crepe that I dream about for weeks after.

Screenshot 2017-12-11 18.24.35


Is this not the most magical Christmas tree you’ve ever seen?! We always go to see this tree at night because…well…I mean just look at it all lit up! The areas around this tree are always super crowded so if you don’t like crowds, go see it in the morning. Beneath the tree is a skating rink and The Sea Grill Restaurant.

Screenshot 2017-12-11 18.27.21


Every year Macy’s puts on a Christmas display in their windows. People line up down the street to get a look at these displays. They’re really fun to look at and usually have cute music playing in the background. Make sure to go inside Macy’s too…they go all out decorating and it’s sure to take your breath away.

Screenshot 2017-12-11 18.30.49


I’ve been to the Radio City Christmas Spectacular show a couple times. It’s such a fun show…they play great Christmas music, Santa is there (Santa!!! …to be said in Buddy the Elf’s voice), and of course you get to see the world famous Rockettes. (How to they kick their legs so high)? It’s a really fun show for all ages.

Screenshot 2017-12-11 18.44.06


Every year we go into the city during Christmas time and every year we eat dinner at Ellen’s. It literally is the best place to eat…ever. They have good food and the waiters and waitresses sing. Like the entire time. On stools and tables. What’s better than having a milkshake while watching someone (with a really good voice) stand on a table and sing?! All the people who work at Ellen’s are trying to get onto Broadway…and a lot of them make it. So technically you’re seeing a Broadway play for 40 bucks instead of 200!

Screenshot 2017-12-11 18.34.11

Times Square christmas (5)

Last but certainly not least is Times Square. If you’re in NYC, you just have to go see Times Square. It doesn’t get super Christmassy but you still have to go. I’ve been to many places and I still think Times Square is the busiest of them all. This picture was taken during New Years Eve…so it’s not that crowded all the time…but you get the idea.


Once in your life you should try to get to NYC during Christmas time…it’s the most magical place ever. Let me know if you’ve visited any of these places! Or if there are other places you like to go that I didn’t mention!


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