DIY Christmas Cards


If you want to impress your friends and family this Christmas season, all you have to do is make a DIY Christmas card. Everyone loves Christmas cards…but homemade ones are the best of the best. If anyone ever gave me a homemade card I would probably tear up… So this Christmas season, spend an extra 15 minutes creating a DIY Christmas card. And I promise you, whoever you give it too will love it 10x more. I found a bunch of really fun cards online…but I didn’t have time to make like 6 different kinds (sorry guys!!). So I thought I would just link each DIY card to the person’s blog/website who came up with the idea! Just click on the link and it will take you directly to the instruction page! Now…grab your scissors and glue and let’s get to crafting!


Copper Leaf Christmas Card


What you’ll need:

 Ivory Card Stock  //  Copper Leaf  //  Metal Leaf Adhesive

You’ll also need scissors and a printer!


Snow Globe Christmas Card


What you’ll need:

 Cream Card Stock  //  Nesting Circle  //  Christmas Stamp Set //  Santa Stamp Set  //  Christmas Sequins

You’ll also need glue, tape, and scissors!


Button Snowman Christmas Card


What you’ll need:

 White Buttons  //  Brown Card Stock  //  Red and White Twine  //  Christmas Ribbon

 Black Card Stock  //  Holly Stickers  //  White Glitter  //  Christmas Stamp Set

You’ll also need scissors and glue!


String Art Christmas Card


What you’ll need:

Yarn  //  Large Knitting Needles  //  White Card Stock  //  Beads  //  Silver Pipe Cleaners  //  Felt

You’ll also need scissors, a pencil, and some glue!


Thumbprint Reindeer Christmas Card

Screenshot 2017-12-12 16.03.24

What you’ll need:

 Brown Paint  //  White Paint  //  Red Felt  //  Fine Tipped Sharpie  //  White Card Stock

You’ll also need a thumb (lol), glue, and scissors!


Screenshot 2017-12-12 16.13.07


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