5 Christmas Dinner Side Dish Recipes

Christmas dinner is my second favorite meal of the year…(Thanksgiving is, of course, my first favorite). My family usually goes all out…we have like eight sides and three main dishes for Christmas dinner. (Can you tell my family and I are a bunch of food lovers?!) I literally dream about the corn soufflé and garlic mashed potatoes weeks before Christmas dinner. Since I love these dishes so much, I thought it would be fun to share them with you all! I have included four recipes that my family makes every year and then one recipe that I made for Thanksgiving this year. Let me know in the comments below what your favorite Christmas dinner side dishes are! Now, if you’re hungry you might want to go grab a snack…cause these upcoming recipes will make your mouth water…

Screenshot 2017-12-12 18.30.59


These are seriously the best mashed taters you will ever have. They are so creamy and have so much flavor. Seth and I made these for Thanksgiving and we literally ate the entire thing in one day.

Screenshot 2017-12-12 18.34.59

Ingredients_1 tsp cooking oil4 medium potatoes (Yukon Gold)2 tsp butter1_2 tsp salt1_4 tsp pepper1_4 cup whole milk-2

This is my favorite side dish OF THEM ALL. There’s no way to describe this. It’s corny (lol), it’s creamy, it’s flavorful, it’s salty, it’s sweet. I could go on and on. Please please please make this!!!

Screenshot 2017-12-12 18.31.17

Ingredients_1 tsp cooking oil4 medium potatoes (Yukon Gold)2 tsp butter1_2 tsp salt1_4 tsp pepper1_4 cup whole milk-3

This is my Grammy’s recipe and I can’t get enough of it. Especially with the marshmallows on top. It’s a super sweet dish so just be aware of that if you’re thinking about making it. If you love sweet potatoes, sugar, and marshmallows you’re sure to love this recipe.

Screenshot 2017-12-12 18.31.43


This is one of my moms favorite recipes. It’s very fresh and light tasting. Perfect when you have all these other super sweet, super rich sides! It is on the healthier side so you won’t have too feel too guilty eating it! Although who cares what you eat when it’s Christmas time, right?!

Screenshot 2017-12-12 18.30.43


Another classic side dish right here. This mac and cheese recipe is so creamy and so tasty! Seth loves this and could probably eat the entire thing in one sitting. He likes to put hot dogs in this mac and cheese…it’s actually not as gross as it sounds…I kinda like it!


Let me know down in the comments if you tried any of these recipes or what your traditional Christmas side dishes are! Happy cooking and Merry Christmas!



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