Christmas Eve Traditions


Merry Christmas Eve everyone! I hope you’re all having a nice relaxing Christmassy day filled with family and friends. I spent most of today in the airport and on a plane. I was visiting my family in New Jersey and just flew back here to LA. If you haven’t traveled on Christmas Eve I’m here to tell you…that it’s absolutely insane. The plane I flew on was a 3x4x3…like the ones that fly overseas to Dubai or something. It seemed like everyone and their mother was trying to fly somewhere today.

Ok enough of my rambling…for the second to last day of Blogmas I wanted to write about my Christmas Eve traditions (they won’t be my traditions this year since I’ll be in LA but this is what they usually are).

Screenshot 2017-12-15 15.43.01

Morning and During the Day

To start the day off, my family makes a delicious breakfast…sometimes pancakes, sometimes french toast, or sometimes waffles. We then spend time doing things at home. I usually get the rest of my presents wrapped, finish up any DIY Christmas presents I am working on, and just make sure everything’s ready to go. Some years we make more Christmas cookies…to add to the 7 kinds we already have… If we don’t make more cookies we just hang out and watch Christmas specials.

Early Evening

At night we (we meaning anyone in my family who is around) head to church for a Christmas Eve service. My favorite part of that service is when everyone gets a candle, we light them, turn off all the lights, and sing Silent Night. It might be my favorite part of the whole day. After church, everyone goes back to our house and we have tortellini soup with good bread and salad.

Later at Night

We go around the house and put baby Jesus in every manger scene (we have 3 manger scenes). When we’ve done that it’s usually time to set out cookies for Santa. Yes, I am 23 years old and my sister is 20…and my mom still wants us to put cookies out for Santa. Haha! It’s still fun and my mom loves it. Then my sister and I will go upstairs to get our presents and bring them down. (The presents we’re giving to each other and to our mom). We put them under the tree and then we turn the lights off. We’ll sit on the couch together looking at the tree all lit up. Such a pretty and peaceful time. We’ll hang out for a bit more and then go to bed! Because in the morning it will be Christmas!

I swear I turn into a little kid again during Christmas…I still get really excited and I just love the joy and happiness in the air on Christmas morning. Ok I’ll stop being sappy now. I hope you all have a wonderful Christmas Eve and Christmas Day tomorrow! Let me know in the comments what some of your traditions are! Also, be on the lookout for the last day of Blogmas tomorrow! (I’ll be posting some funny Christmas memes)


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