5 Healthy Habits to Focus on in 2018

5 Healthy habits

Tis’ the new year! And you know what that means…new year new me ?? To be honest, I’m not a huge fan of that saying. I feel like trying to live up to that phrase puts so much pressure on yourself to change. A new year doesn’t mean you have to change. A new year might just mean you start to focus on certain things that help better yourself. And that’s what I want to talk about in this post! 5 healthy habits to focus on in 2018. Let’s make 2018 the best year yet! Who’s with me!


1. Put down your phone when you’re out with family and friends.

This one might be the hardest habit of them all. We are all so glued to our phones nowadays that when we’re hanging out with the people who mean the most to us, we’re never really fully paying attention to them. I’m totally guilty of this. Sometimes I’ll find myself waiting for a conversation to be over so I can have a second to check my phone. This year, let’s make a conscious effort to keep our phone out of reach when we’re with family and friends. Give them 100% of our focus. Trust me, you’ll have an even better time with them since you won’t be constantly worried about checking your phone.

2. Drink a tablespoon of apple cider vinegar once every day. 

This one might sound crazy (and really disgusting) but I started doing this about a week ago and I’ve already noticed a difference. Apple cider vinegar is known to have absolutely amazing health benefits. It’s been used for literally thousands of years for so many different things. I highly recommend drinking a tablespoon of it once a day. I buy the Braggs kind and put some in my tea, either in the morning or at night. I’ll be honest with you…it’s not a pleasant taste…but if you can get it down, it’s worth it. The first change I’ve noticed is that my hair is growing super quickly. My eyelashes especially…and who doesn’t want naturally long lashes?!

3. Find YOUR healthy eating style

Just because salads and veggies are good for us, doesn’t mean we have to eat them for every meal. It’s all about balance. This year, let’s not stress out if we eat a couple of unhealthy things in a row. As long as we have some fruits or veggies mixed in between the unhealthy foods, then we’re fine! So many people stress themselves out about what they eat. Honestly, as long as you’re not eating fast food every day then you’re on the right track. Some people can eat salads every day for lunch and dinner, but other’s can’t. I know I certainly can’t. I try to have a healthy breakfast and then make sure to eat a few fruits and veggies throughout the day. But if I want to make mac and cheese for dinner that night, then you better believe I will! It’s all about balance and finding YOUR healthy eating style.

4. Think happy and positive thoughts

I think this one is super important because thinking positively puts you in a good mood and relieves stress. Whenever I’m bummed about something or just feeling down, I try to think of things that make me happy. It could even be something as small as “the sky looks really pretty today”. Even if you’re not feeling down, it can’t hurt to run through some positive thoughts each and every day. It can help set your mood for the days and weeks to come.

5. Take time for yourself each and every day

A lot of days, I find myself working until like 7pm (I work from home) and then when I stop I don’t really feel like cooking myself a good dinner. Or sometimes I’m just too lazy at night to spend the time washing my face and doing my nightly skincare routine. I think we all have to get better at taking time for ourselves each and every day. If I’m not done working by a normal time (like 6pm), then I should stop and make myself a good dinner. If I’m feeling lazy at night, I should still get up and do my nightly face routine because that’s how my skin stays healthy. Try to do at least one or two things each day that are for you.


So let’s make 2018 the best year yet! Who’s with me?! And I just want to let everyone know that as soon as I finish writing this I’m going into the kitchen and getting a Lindt chocolate truffle to reward myself. Remember…it’s all about finding YOUR healthy eating style (haha!)


4 thoughts on “5 Healthy Habits to Focus on in 2018

  1. Thanks for sharing. Very useful tips. I tried that apple cider thing once but have not tried it again. Taste not pleasant. will try again though.

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