Valentines Day Gift Ideas: for Him

Guys, Valentines Day is right around the corner..and you know what that means. Do nothing until the day after Valentines Day when all the chocolates go on sale? No not that…or yes do that but it’s also time to start thinking about some gift ideas for that special guy in your life. This post will include gift ideas for anyone who has a boyfriend, fiancé, or hubby. Some of these gift ideas I’ve actually used before (and they were each a huge success) and some of them will be new ideas I’ve just come across! I’ll list them all down below and include links to each gift’s original page…so you can see where to buy it/how to make it/etc. If you don’t want to go the gift route, just taking your significant other out to a nice dinner is an amazing, special gift. My boyfriend actually just told me today about the reservation he made for our Valentines Day dinner! I’m super excited. Anyway, I’m sure you’re all dyyyyying to get some gift ideas so here they are!

“Open When” Envelope Gift


I think this is the cutest idea ever and I might even use it this year. Handmade gifts (in my opinion) are the best kinds of gifts. This is one is so heartfelt and special. One they’ll remember for ever!

Stadium Map Art

Screenshot 2018-01-22 13.57.59

This gift is for the sports lover in your life. It is on the more expensive side but it’s so cool and unique that I think it’s worth the splurge!

52 Things I Like About You 

Screenshot 2018-01-22 14.03.31

I actually made this for my boyfriend 3 Christmases ago. He absolutely LOVED it and he said he read it a lot (aw!). You can make the reasons funny, serious, or a mix of both! (I did a mix of both)

Etched City Map Glass

Screenshot 2018-01-22 14.05.24

If you have a significant other that loves to drink, this gift is for them. It’s thoughtful and heartfelt but can turn out to be very useful (lol). These are pretty inexpensive too so you could even get this and then make a homemade gift as well!

Adventure Fund Box


I love this gift idea because it’s a gift for both of you. Put your loose change or a few dollar bills in here each week and over time you’ll have enough money saved up to put towards an amazing trip together. This is one gift you’ll both remember!

Personalized Photo Map 

Screenshot 2018-01-22 14.12.41

I made something similar to this for my boyfriend last Valentines Day. I outlined the map of the US and then stuck pins starting from where we went to high school, where we met in college, and then where we are living now. I connected each pin with string and will add another pin whenever and wherever we move to next!

Heart Shaped Brownies

Screenshot 2018-01-22 14.19.40

If your significant other likes to eat (and specifically likes to eat brownies) then this is the gift for him. It’s homemade and delicious! This would be a great present to go a long with any of the others I’ve mentioned above! The link that’s attached sends you to a site that shows you how to make the heart toppers (it also shows you how to make a few other DIY gifts). It doesn’t tell you how to make the brownies, so you will have to use your own recipe…or this amazing one here.

Personalized Photo Puzzle


This one might be cheesy for some people but I think it’s kinda cute! Find a cute pic of the two of you and then you can spend some time putting it together with each other. And once it’s done, you could even throw it in a cute frame!


8 thoughts on “Valentines Day Gift Ideas: for Him

  1. I have done a couple of these for my fiancé before but I have never thought of a stadium map! So cute!😍 —

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