Feb 12th: Under 50 Picks

Screenshot 2018-01-05 17.51.02

This post took me about an hour longer than usual because Olympic curling was on TV and distracting me. I’m an avid Olympics watcher so I’m very excited for these next two weeks…go team USA!

Satin Body Suit  //  Ruffle Dress


 Wide Leg Pant  //  Crepe Blazer


 Steve Madden Heels  //  Knit Striped Dress


 Baublebar Earrings  //  Light Wash Jeans


 Balloon Sleeve Top  //  Black Booties


 Sweater Dress  //  Hooded Trench Coat


Printed Leather Booties  //  Oversized Sweater


 Snake Print Skinny Jeans  //  Chunky Scarf


 Front Tie T-Shirt  //  Baublebar Layered Necklace


 Trousers  //  Drape Neck Jacket

 Nude Bodysuit  //  Floral Midi Dress


 Color-block Sweater  //  Nude Heels




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