Nordstrom vs. Nordstrom Rack: Splurge or Save?

There’s nothing better than scoring an awesome deal. Wait…or is there nothing better than saving up and splurging on something you really want? I agree with both of those which is why I still haven’t decided which store I love more…Nordstrom or Nordstrom Rack. Nordstrom Rack has some amazing deals on some awesome pieces while Nordstrom…well is just Nordstrom. In this post, I wanted to compare some very similar pieces from both of these stores and recommend whether you should splurge on the Nordstrom item or save on the Nordstrom Rack item. I also thought I would separate this into two sections…clothing and shoes. If you guys like this post then I’m thinking about doing another one but with two other sections…accessories and homeware! So let me know what you think of this kind of post in the comments down below!

Screenshot 2018-02-15 12.22.43


Nordstrom Cardi: $98 vs. Nordstrom Rack Cardi: $40

Madewell Cardigan  //  14th and Union Cardigan

Verdict: Splurge! We’re gonna start this post out with a splurge item. I think Madewell clothes are…well…made really well (lol). Now, it is $98 but this cardi will last you for years. I also love the color and texture that it will bring to any outfit.


Nordstrom Black Maxi: $288 vs. Nordstrom Rack Black Maxi: $35

 Iris Slit Dress  //  Leith Satin Dress

VerdictSave! In my opinion, these look pretty much identical…it’s just the material that’s different. The Nordstrom one does look a little more formal but if you’re just looking for a nice, good quality, black maxi then I say definitely save your money and buy the Nordstrom Rack one.


Nordstrom Striped Sweater: $295 vs. Nordstrom Rack Striped Sweater: $25

 Joseph Striped Sweater  //  14th & Union Striped Sweater

VerdictSave! There’s nothing better than a loose, oversized, cozy sweater. There’s also nothing better than saving over $200 on that sweater. These both have loose, balloon-esqu sleeves and they both look super cozy. So my recommendation is save that moolah and buy the one from Nordstrom Rack.


Nordstrom Jeans: $75 vs. Nordstrom Rack Jeans: $35

Topshop Jamie Jeans  //  SP BLACK Jeans

VerdictSplurge! I think splurging on jeans is ok because you’ll have them for a really long time and the more expensive ones are always really well made. Especially if they’re Topshop Jamie jeans…everyone raves about these so my recommendation is to definitely splurge and buy the Nordstrom ones cause I have a feeling you’ll love them.


Nordstrom Suede Moto Jacket: $75 vs. Nordstrom Rack Suede Moto Jacket: $35

 BLANKNYC Moto Jacket  //  Free Press Moto Jacket

VerdictSave! Besides a slight difference in color, these are literally the exact same jacket…they are both suede, both have the same zipper, and both have the same buttons. My recommendation is to 100% save and buy the Nordstrom Rack jacket.


Nordstrom Camo Sweatshirt: $129 vs. Nordstrom Rack Camo Sweatshirt: $30

 Ragdoll Camo Sweatshirt  //  Sundry Camo Sweatshirt

VerdictSplurge! 2 reasons…1) I couldn’t find that specific color of camo on the Rack website and I love darker colored camo. 2) Splurging on a sweatshirt might seem like a silly thing, but I live in sweatshirts and comfy clothes so I would get a ton of use out of this and wouldn’t have to worry about it getting worn out easily. My recommendation is to splurge on a comfy piece of clothing every once in a while!


Screenshot 2018-02-15 12.23.43


Nordstrom Black Booties: $125 vs. Nordstrom Rack Black Booties: $69

 Jeffrey Campbell Bootie  //  Kendall & Kylie Bootie

VerdictSplurge! I mean just look at that Jeffrey Campbell bootie…don’t you just die?!? It looks a lot sleeker, high-end and more comfortable. The price isn’t even that bad for a shoe…only $125! That’s definitely doable for this kind of wardrobe staple…because who doesn’t need a cute black bootie in their closet?! My recommendation is…if the shoe fits…splurge on the Nordstrom pair!


Nordstrom Mules: $680 vs. Nordstrom Rack Mules: $70

 Gucci Mules  //  Michael Kors Mules

VerdictSave! Ah the Gucci mule…so hyped up by so many people. But look at that price. Without a doubt, I would save and buy the ones from Nordstrom Rack. They have the same shape as the Gucci ones but are just different enough that it’s not like they’re trying too hard to be Gucci, ya know? Honestly, I even like the looks of the Nordstrom Rack ones better so I definitely recommend saving that moolah and going with the cuter option from the Rack.


Nordstrom Nude Heels: $140 vs. Nordstrom Rack Hude Heels: $50

 Sam Edelman Heels  //  Aldo Heels

VerdictSave! Ok, I know these are a bit different in color but they were the the closest thing I could find on the Rack website. And honestly, I like them a lot better than the Nordstrom ones. I think the color is really pretty and the shape of the heel is a lot more feminine and chic. I recommend saving your money and buying the Nordstrom Rack pair…because you’re going to want to splurge on this next pair…


Nordstrom Embellished Sneakers: $225 vs. Nordstrom Rack Embellished Sneakers: $40

 Lewit Mara Embellished Sneakers  //  Madden Girl Embellished Sneakers

VerdictSplurge! Ok I’m a bit biased here because I love my sneakers/slip-ons and I do usually splurge on them. But just look at these Mewit Mara ones…the pearls are adorable and I love the nudey-pink color. Since I wear sneakers/slip-ons the most out of any kind of shoe, I would without a doubt buy them. If you’re like me and love your sneakers, then I 100% recommend these adorable Nordstrom ones.


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