Feb 19th: Under 50 Picks


This weeks under 50 picks are going to be a lil’ different…I’ve been super into home decor recently so all of these picks will be home decor related!! Don’t worry, next week we will get back to our regularly scheduled fashion under 50 picks. But I do hope you enjoy these home decor picks! Also…over half of these picks are on sale!! So grab your wallet and get ready for some amazing savings!



Dodi Coaster  //  Gold Wire Basket (20% off!)


 Ceramic Planter (20% off!) //  Chevron Throw Pillow (30% off!)


 Mohair Throw Blanket (30% off!) //  Hanging Votives


 Mini Table Lamp (20% off!) //  Geo Hamper (40% off!) 


 Wall Clock (5% off!) //  Mirrored Trinket Tray (30% off!)


 Blue Mixed Vases (30% off!) //  Ontario Candle


 Brass Mirror Shelf  //  Damask Towel Collection


 Navy Blue Pot (40% off!) //  Capri Jar Candle


 Marble Bath Accessories  //  Gold Hello (20% off!) 


 Table Runner  //  Cactus Bath Mat


 Glass Photo Frame  //  Throw Blanket (48% off!)


Orb Taper Holder  //  Fur Throw Pillow (10% off!)


 Dune Printed Rug  //  Voluspa Candle


 Table Lamp (53% off!//  Single Cube Display Wall (50% off!)


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