Feb 26th: Under 50 Picks

Under 50 Picks

I hope everyone had a great weekend! My boyfriend was out of town at a bachelor party so I spent my weekend cleaning, watching the olympics and selling some old clothes/accessories on eBay. I’ve decided that for this weeks under 50 post, we’re going to forget about chunky, dark, Winter clothes and instead focus on bright, happy Spring clothes! All of the picks in this post will 100% spice up your Spring wardrobe game and I’m actually really excited. I love all the pastel colors and lighter weight clothing that you can wear during the Spring! So without further ado, let’s spring into the post (that was a rough one, I know). Also, do you think I used the word Spring enough in this opening paragraph? (hint-I used it 5 times…)

 Bardot Camisole Top  //  Espadrilles


 Camel Duster  //  Cut Out Sleeve Top


 Striped Skinny Jeans  //  Short Sleeve Body Suit


 Colorado Sweatshirt  //  Adidas Hat


 Smock Dress  //  Stretch Boot Heels


 White Jeans  //  Disc Drop Earrings


 Cable Knit Cardigan  //  T-Shirt Dress


 Metal Frame Sunglasses  //  Knit Hoodie


 Pattern Trousers  //  Oversized Denim Jacket


 Midi Dress  //  Faux Fur Slides


 Wrap Dress  //  Denim Mini Skirt


Layered Choker  //  Ribbed Bodysuit


 Tie Waist Pants  //  Shamrock Pocket Tee


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