March 12th: Under 50 Picks

Under 50 Picks

I’ve come to the conclusion that even though it’s not technically Spring yet and even though it doesn’t really feel warm out (yet), I still want to wear Spring clothes. I just want to throw on some cute jean shorts and a long sleeve blouse, or rock a floral print dress. Who’s with me?! So since I’m in a Spring timey mood, all of these under 50 picks will reflect that. Grab a tropical cocktail (not sure where you might grab one…unless your on vacay…but maybe you can make one) and let’s browse some affordable Spring outfit ideas!

 Striped Shirt  ($40)  //  Jean Shorts  ($50)


 Floral Bodysuit  ($31)  //  White Jeans  ($48)


 Sweater Dress  ($43)  //  Espadrille Slip Ons  ($27)


 Floral Romper  ($31)  //  Duster Jacket  ($43)


 Floral Bardot Top  ($43)  //  Floral Midi Dress  ($34)


 Scallop Skirt  ($45)  //  Pom Pom Top  ($34)


 ASOS Jeans  ($48)  //  Floral Wrap  ($49)


 Adidas T-Shirt  ($30)  //  Jean Shorts  ($30)


 Tassel Earrings  ($38)  //  Drop Waist Dress  ($45)


 Nude Heels  ($39)  //  Hoodie Crop Top  ($38)


 Twist Front Shirt  ($32)  //  Ruffle Shorts  ($45)


 Taupe Mules ($40)  //  Denim Shirt ($32)


 Striped Cami  ($32)  //  Pink Biker Jacket  ($43)


 Polka Dot Dress  ($43)  //  Paper bag Waist Pants  ($49)



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