How I Went From 60 to 136k Pinterest Page Views in Just 2 Months!

Pinterest has been around for ages. I remember being a freshman in college and going to the library to “study”…but really all I was doing was pinning cute pictures and quotes to my various Pinterest boards. I was obsessed with it back then but then all of a sudden I stopped getting on Pinterest all together and I’m still not really sure why. When I started my blog back in August, I thought the best (and only) ways of growing it were to post on Instagram and Twitter. boy was I wrong! From my experience (and from what other people have said), Pinterest is hands down the #1 way to increase your blog’s exposure and engagement.

I created my blog’s Pinterest account about 2 months after I created my blog. At first, I was very “meh” about it. I created a few boards and pinned a few pictures but I wasn’t that was pretty much it. I had about 60 monthly Pinterest page views and my blog wasn’t gaining any exposure. I was kind of in a rut. Finally, in the beginning of January, I decided that I was going to turn things around. I was going to focus most of my energy on my Pinterest page for a couple weeks, and see what would happened. After about 2 months of hard work, I woke up one morning to see that I had 136,000 monthly views on my Pinterest page!!

Screenshot 2018-04-05 13.41.36

Now, this didn’t happen completely overnight (even though I just made it seem like it did… haha whoops!) Throughout those 2 months,  I did see that number slowly increase as I became more active on the site. In this post, I will talk about 6 steps you can take to help grow your Pinterest page views (and more importantly, your blog’s page views) by the the tens of thousands!

Screenshot 2018-04-05 14.16.46

The first thing you want to do is create relevant boards for your page. I am a fashion, beauty and lifestyle blogger so I created a handful of boards relating to those things. For example, if you are a travel blogger, create a bunch of boards relating to popular travel destinations. Now this doesn’t mean you can only create those type of boards…you can create as many kinds of boards as you want! It’s just a good idea to create some that are relevant to your blog’s niche. Also, make sure you are creating boards that are relevant to the current time of year. Right now it’s to be spring and summer time, so I’ve created a spring and summer fashion board, a summer aesthetic board, and a healthy meals board. In the winter, I “retire” my spring and summer boards and start to use my Thanksgiving and Christmas boards.

Screenshot 2018-04-05 13.13.48

My blog’s name is 1st and 10, so the next thing I did was I created a board specifically for that. It’s called 1st and 10 (shocker, I know!) and I will only pin things onto this board that are directly related to my blog. For example, after this post is live, I will create a pin for it and post it on that 1st and 10 board. I won’t pin any summer outfit pictures or healthy food recipes on there…just blog related pins that I have made.

Screenshot 2018-04-05 13.18.51

This is really important. I try to pin 3 times a day, but sometimes that’s not too realistic! I usually try to pin early in the morning, then again after lunch and then again after dinner. The more active you are on Pinterest, the more people will see your pins. During each pin Seth, I try to pin 3-5 things on each active board I have. So I’ll pin 5 cute spring outfits, 5 whole 30 recipes, 3 spring nail art trends, and so on.

Screenshot 2018-04-05 14.35.32

I 100% think this step helped me the most. When you click on the search bar at the top of the page, it will bring up a list of current trending ideas. Search each trending idea and repin at least 4 pins relevant to that idea. This will really increase your exposure because if it’s trending, that means lots of people are looking for pins related to that certain topic. So for example, right now DIY home decor is trending. I’ll search that topic and repin 4-5 pictures that I like, onto the DIY board I have on my page. This is one of the best, if not the best way to increase your monthly page views!

Screenshot 2018-04-05 14.33.40

After each new blog post you write, always create a pin that relates (and links back) to that post. Pin at least one of these a day onto your blog specific board. This will give your blog post more exposure. A couple weeks ago I created a pin for my spring cleaning blog post and dutifully pinned it onto my blog’s Pinterest page (and other related boards). I did that for a few consecutive days and it got maybe 40 views. Then one day it just blew up! Everyone was repinning it and that spring cleaning blog post ended up getting hundreds of views one day…so you never know!

Screenshot 2018-04-05 13.42.38

Creating visually appealing pins is key to increasing views and exposure. Everyone loves looking at pictures so make sure to use high resolution images and easy to read fonts. Crisp, clean, and fun to look at pins are the best, in my opinion! Try using bright colors to make the pin stand out…or use an eye catching picture.

Ok so here’s the breakdown of what to do on a daily basis to increase your monthly page views…

  • pin 2-3 times a day
  • during each pin sesh, pin a couple pictures from each trending item and from your general Pinterest feed.
  • pin at least 1 of your blog’s own pins that links back to that specific blog post


If you follow these steps, your Pinterest page will grow in views…which means your blog will grow in views! It does take some time, but it’s so worth it!! Happy pinning!




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