5 Must-Have Spring Beauty Products

Spring has sprung!! And you know what that means…spring makeup is finally here!! First, I just want to say that I don’t usually wear a lot of makeup. When I do, I’ll put on everything except eyeshadow and eye liner. (I never wear eyeshadow because I’m terrible at putting it on!) Even though I don’t usually wear tons of makeup, I love watching makeup videos on YouTube. I follow about 15 beauty YouTuber’s religiously and love watching them do a smokey halo eye or hearing what their favorite go-to eye liners are.

Every year I go through a cycle. The cycle starts in September…when September rolls around, I get excited for smokey eyes and dark berry lips (or more truthfully, I can’t wait to watch my favorite YouTuber’s throw on their best brown smokey eye lol). I love wearing mauve-y shades of blush in the winter and occasionally throwing on a red lip. But when April rolls around and the flowers start to bloom and the air gets warmer…I get super excited for dewy skin, pinky-nude lips and bright pink blush. Since we’re already halfway through April (can you believe it?!) I thought I would share with you guys my 5 favorite spring beauty products that I think are must-haves for this time of year!

Screenshot 2018-04-19 14.51.58

Let’s start out with my personal favorite…tinted moisturizer. I try not to wear too much foundation during the spring and summer time because I find that it’s just too heavy and cakey. I instead, reach for tinted moisturizers that are hydrating and dewy. My skin is really dry so even in the warmer months, I like something with a little bit of extra  hydration built into it. In my opinion, there’s nothing better than a dewy, fresh faced, “no makeup makeup look”. When looking for a tinted moisturizer, try to buy one that has SPF in it…then you won’t have to worry about layering SPF on underneath all your other makeup.

My favorite tinted moisturizers:


Screenshot 2018-04-19 14.57.39

I love the look of lightly flushed pink cheeks, especially when you have on a natural looking tinted moisturizer! Now here’s the breakdown on my blush preferences (I know you’re all on the edge of your seat): I love pink blush for spring and peachy toned blush for summer. (I just think peachy tones look better with tanned skin). But since it’s spring, I’m all about the pink! Pink blush just brightens up your whole complexion and makes you look more alive. Not to say you didn’t look alive before! It’s just that pink blush gives you that natural flushed look…you get what I’m trying to say right?! I hope I’m making sense!

Anyway, before I dig myself into a bigger hole…here are my favorite pink blushes:


Screenshot 2018-04-19 15.06.29

Now this isn’t necessarily one specific kind of product…because you might prefer matte lips over glossy lips but I love a pinky-nude lip of any formulation for spring! They just look so natural, effortless, and pretty! As some of you might know, I’m obsessed with Mac’s Blankety lipstick, but even though I love it (probably a bit too much) I try not to wear it too often in the spring and summer time because to me, it’s more of a fall/winter nude. It’s a very sad time when we have to part ways but I know it’ll be there waiting for me when I get back. (I’m so dramatic lol)

Here are my favorite pinky-nude lips:


Screenshot 2018-04-19 15.15.41

Is there anything better than a natural looking, “melt into the skin”, highlighter?! As you can see, we’re sticking to a theme here…natural looking, dewy skin…and this kind of highlight will really be the icing on the cake, or if you prefer, the cherry on top. When you find the right highlighter, it can literally make you look like you’re lit from within. (Thank you YouTube for that phrase!).

Here are my favorite highlighters that will give you that natural looking “lit from within” vibe:


Screenshot 2018-04-19 15.22.14

Sunscreen is super important for your face all year round, but especially in the spring and summer months. (To be honest, I never wear sunscreen in the fall and winter…whoops!) If the foundation/BB cream/tinted moisturizer you’re using doesn’t have SPF in it, make sure to put some on before you start applying your makeup. Using one that’s oil free is great because it won’t disturb the makeup you apply on top of it and it also won’t clog your pores! It’s a win win!

Here are my favorite oil-free sunscreens:


I’m so excited spring is finally here and I hope you guys enjoyed my roundup of the 5 must-have spring beauty products!


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