Spring Shoes Under $50

Hey guys! I am in full spring mode over here…I have flowers all over my apartment, our porch door is always open, I’m wearing pastel colored clothing constantly, and I’m obsessing over spring shoes. Once winter is over, I love bringing out my open toed booties and light espadrilles. It makes me so happy!! I’m so over the clunky boots and heavy shoes of winter. Give me all the warm weather shoes!! So as you can probably tell…this post is going to be all about my favorite spring shoes that are under $50. I try to keep my blog all about affordable goodies…which means none of these shoes will break the bank!

I’ve rounded up my 5 favorite pairs of spring shoes…some of them I’ve had for a couple of years and others I just bought a couple weeks ago. There are a couple other pairs I have my eye on (looking at you, espadrille wedges) so I might end up doing another post like this for summer because I have a feeling I’ll be buying a few new pairs of shoes in the upcoming weeks. I mean…if the shoe fits…why not buy it? Ok, I’ll stop with these terrible jokes (lol) so we can start talking about shoes!

DV Booties ($38)


If you don’t want to give up wearing booties for spring, these are your new best friend. They look (and fit) like a bootie but they’re made for warmer weather…aka the material is just a bunch of holes. (What an amazing description Meg) They’re super breathable and look amazing paired with a dress or jeans and a blouse! I’m wearing a size 8 in these and they fit like a dream! By the way, if you want to get to the website of each of these shoes, just click on the shoe title above each picture! It will take you right there!

Let’s get a closer look at these babies…



Indigo Road Mules  ($29)


How adorable are these bow mules?! I’m obsessed with bows at the moment so when I saw these on Amazon, I had to have them. I love pairing them with white jeans, like in this picture, or with jean shorts, to give the outfit a more feminine/cute vibe. They’re super comfy to wear…my foot doesn’t fall out and it doesn’t cut into me anywhere. I’m wearing these in a size 8 1/2. (Also, sorry about the lighting in the picture above…it wasn’t cooperating).



Steve Madden Indulge Sandal   ($50)


If you want to take your outfit up a notch…these heels are it. They’re casual enough that they don’t look out of place if you wear them with white jeans and a blouse but they’re fancy enough that you can wear them with a cute sundress…does that make sense?? Probably not lol. I’m not going to lie…they’re not the comfiest heels I’ve ever worn but I love how they look way too much to not wear them. On a positive note, they’re pretty inexpensive as far as heels go! I’m wearing a size 8 and my foot doesn’t slip out so I would say these are definitely true to size!



DV Cutout Booties  ($33)


Ok so I just went to grab the link for these booties on Target’s website but I don’t think they sell these anymore! I bought these last year so I guess they were a one time thing. I’m really sad because I know you guys would love these! I did link a very similar pair (has an open backed heel and an open toe cut out just like the ones above). I also found another super similar option (but they are $99)…so not really affordable. I’m wearing a size 8 1/2 in these so if you want to order the other Target ones that I linked here, I would size up 1/2 size.



ASOS Espadrilles  ($19)


And then last but certainly not least (because I think these are my favorites out of all these Spring shoes)…are the ASOS espadrilles! These are the comfiest shoes you’ll wear this season and they’re only $19! What a steal! They didn’t need any breaking in and they never cut into the back of my heel. They stay on perfectly and I love the two toned look! (Can you tell I’m obsessed with these lol I sound like a mom talking about her 3 year old kid who just learned to count to 3). Anyway, I’m wearing a size 8 and they fit perfectly!


I hope you guys enjoyed this post! Let me know down in the comment section what your favorite Spring shoes are and if you think I should do another post like this for Summer shoes!


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