Weeknight Dinner Recipe: Thai Inspired Ground Turkey and Spinach

I have a confession to make…I started the Whole30 and then quit a week into it. I know, I know, how dare I! First, let me back up and give you guys some back story. About two months ago, my mom decided to do the Whole30, by the book, the entire 30 days, everything, all of it. And she did it. How amazing is that?! I honestly don’t know how she did it. She’s determined as heck! So, about a month ago I decided that I was going to start the Whole30 on May 2nd. My mom came out to visit for about a week right before I started, so when she was out here we meal planned, went grocery shopping, and just tried to get my mind right (lol).

The day after she left, I started. And let me be honest with you guys…it was horrible. For me, it was horrible. My mom said it wasn’t really that bad and that after a couple days she got into the swing of things and it was pretty easy. But that wasn’t the case for me…I just love food too much!! I love going out to eat, going to farmers markets, baking cookies…all of it! (Before I keep rambling, if you don’t know what the Whole30 is, here is their website if you want to take a look).

To sum it up, the Whole30 is a diet that essentially restarts your entire system. It is supposed to retrain your brain and it’s relationship with food. You can’t snack, you have to eat certain portions of certain food groups every meal and you can’t have added sugar of any kind. So anyway, to make a long story a bit shorter (because I feel like I’ve been talking forever!) I love food and so after a week in, I quit.

I eat pretty healthy most of the time anyway and I really wasn’t doing it to lose any weight. While I was on the Whole30, I made a lot of recipes from their cookbook and all of them were actually delicious…really flavorful and pretty easy to make. So I wanted to share with you guys one of the recipes that I made! I did put my own twist on it (lol I sound like a master chef saying that!) and I think you guys will really enjoy it. When I made this, I also cooked a sweet potato to go along with it because just having the turkey and spinach didn’t fill me up. The sweet potato kept keep me fuller longer, it’s a healthy side dish and it’s super tasty!

Now let’s get into the best part of all food posts…the up close and personal shots!


Um, yum! Am I right?! The turkey is flavored with Whole30 compliant boat fish sauce and coconut aminos (which are substitutes for soy sauce!) The turkey also has red pepper flakes and is sautéed in coconut oil…yum!


You could even double this recipe and have it multiple nights! The Whole30 can get super expensive because you’re buying tons of food every week…so the trick is to make enough of each meal so that you can have it multiple times!

Screenshot 2018-05-12 17.13.37

Bon Appétit!



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