The Best Youtube Workout Channels for a Full Body Burn

Happy almost-Friday guys!! Since the official start of summer is creeping closer and closer, I’ve really been trying to workout regularly. Now, I’m not the kind of girl who gets super pumped to workout…I wish I was…but I’m not. I get really bored really easily and am the kind of person who after doing 30 sets of crunches, will look down at my stomach expecting to see nice chiseled abs. So with that being said, trust me when I say I’ve found the best youtube workout channels ever!! Clearly, I’m hard to please workout-wise and so the fact that I love these channels I’m about to talk about definitely says something! These channels have videos you can do literally anywhere, with or without weights and they will leave you feeling super sore the next day…which is a good thing!!

Now throw on your cutest workout outfit, grab that water bottle and let’s head into summer feeling like the best versions of ourselves! !


Screenshot 2018-05-31 15.52.04

You guys, I can’t recommend this Youtube channel enough!! I absolutely adore Cassey…she’s super sweet and super motivating. She has thousands of workouts that are usually all under 15 mins long, so if you’re in a rush, these are perfect to do. Even though they’re short, they’re really effective. I just did her “INSANE butt blaster” video yesterday and boy was I sore this morning. Actually, I’m still sore now that I think about it! I’ve been doing Cassey’s workout videos for about 8 years now…I started back when I was in high school…I remember she had a leg workout video where we had to wear high heels the whole time!

She makes it a point to talk and tell stories throughout every video and it’s so entertaining you honestly forget about all the pain you’re in haha! Here are a few of my favorite videos:

Cassey also has a lot of great food videos…like what to eat after a workout or the best smoothie recipes. I love her channel so much! Go check it out!



Screenshot 2018-05-31 16.01.49

This is another ahhhhmazing channel! They have a bunch of different instructors (so if you like a change of scenery when you workout…this channel’s for you) and most of their videos are between 15 and 45 minutes. These videos are great if you want to burn lots of calories and you’re not in a time crunch. My favorite instructor is Jake DuPree…he’s hilarious. He has so much energy and says the most random things during each video…I love it! In my opinion, his videos are the hardest on this channel so if you want a challenge, go check him out! Here are some of my faves:


Yoga With Adriene

Screenshot 2018-05-31 16.09.52

Last but not least is a yoga channel…Yoga with Adriene. I love yoga and it’s the perfect workout to do on days when you don’t really feel like working out…when you’re tired, just had a hard workout the day before or you’re just in a funk. Adriene is super sweet and really knowledgable. She gives you amazing tips during each workout and let’s you know why you’re doing a certain move or stretch. Her voice is also really calming and you end each workout in a zen-like state…which is kind of awesome!

She does a lot of “yoga for” videos, for example she has a “yoga for stress” video, a “yoga for digestion” video and so on so on. I think that’s really cool because if you are looking to target a specific area or have a certain problem, you can search her videos to find one dedicated to that! Here are some of my favorite videos:


There ya have it! My favorite Youtube workout channels! Let me know if you try any of these and which ones are your favorite!


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