How to Style Your Summer Athleisure Wear

Calling all queens of athleisure style!! This post is dedicated to you! I myself, am a queen of athleisure style. It’s basically what I wear all day every day and it’s been like that for years. Back in college I would go to class in workout pants, a cute workout top and sneakers pretty much every day…and nothing has changed since then! Since I work from home, I don’t have to actually get dressed in business attire every day so I usually just throw on athleisure wear.

I just find these kind of clothes to be super comfy, cute and (if styled correctly) good for a lot of occasions. Well not parties and that kind of thing of course, but if you’re going out to lunch-throw on some athleisure wear…if you’re running to the store-athleisure wear…you get the idea. I thought writing a dedicated post about this kind of style was well over-do…so here it is!!


High Waisted Workout Leggings


High waisted workout leggings are essential for any athleisure look. High waisted pants are so much more flattering than ones that hit below your belly button. They also allow you to wear cute crop tops without showing off too much skin. The ones I’m wearing in this picture are from Lululemon and I’m wearing a size small. I’ll link them here. I basically live in these…they’re so soft, comfy and form fitting…they pretty much hold everything in haha!

Here are some of my favorite high waisted workout leggings:


Cute,Breathable, Athletic Crop Tops


Crop tops are perfect to wear during the summer with any athleisure look. I usually go for ones that are a little longer than a normal crop top…just because if I’m running to the store, I don’t need to be showing off that much…ya know?! Try to find crop tops that fit your torso length and that leave just enough room between the top of your leggings and the bottom of your top. Also, they don’t have to be specifically workout tops…wearing a cute graphic tee crop top is also super cute! The one I’m wearing in this picture is from Forever 21 (they actually have an amazing workout section) and it’s in a size small. I think it’s sold out but I will link a few of my other faves here:


Oversized Graphic Tees


If you’re not into the whole crop top look or if you’re going somewhere where you don’t feel comfortable wearing one, then throw on a cute graphic tee! Graphic tees are a wardrobe staple for me…I have way too many (but that’s not a bad thing right?!) I usually like my tees oversized…so if I wanted to, I could tie them in a front knot. And plus, it’s just way more comfy if they’re one size too big! This one that I’m wearing above is from H&M and it’s in a size medium. I’ll link it here. It’s currently on sale for $5!!

Here are a few of my other favorite graphic tees:


“Not-Your-Average” Sneakers


I am a self-proclaimed sneaker junkie. Since I’m in athleisure wear all the time, I’m always wearing some kind of sneaker. I like to wear ones that aren’t your typical Nike Roshes. The ones that I’m wearing above are Nike Huaraches and I think I might need to get another pair…how cool are they?! I’ll link them here. Sneakers can really help bring more interest and style to any kind of athleisure look. Here are a few of my favorite “not-your-average” sneakers (that aren’t crazy expensive):


Last but not least, I think throwing on a cute baseball cap helps to round out your whole athleisure look. Baseball caps are perfect for those days when you really don’t want to do your hair…or you haven’t washed it in a week…we’ve all been there! I’ll link a few cute ones here:


Now that we’ve covered the essentials, let’s all go out there and rock those athleisure outfits!!



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