Seattle Travel Guide


Oh my gosh hi you guys!!! It’s been absolutely forever since I’ve written a blog post. I hate it and I’m so so glad to be back on the blog train. These past 2 months have been absolutely crazy! Seth had about a month and a half off and we took that time to go home and to travel to a couple other places…one being Seattle! We’ve always wanted to go…and since we live in CA, we figured now is the perfect time since we’re so close! Also, Seth’s favorite MLB team is the Mariners…and has been since he was little…so it’s basically been a dream of his to go to see a Mariners home game. And that’s exactly what we did!

I thought it would be fun to put together a Seattle travel guide because we went to so many different places and ate a lot of different food! I thought it would be fun to share all that with you guys in case any of you are planning on going to Seattle soon! It’s such a great city. It’s small enough that it’s not too busy, it’s clean, there’s a ton to do and the people are really nice! We spent a long weekend there…left on Wednesday night and then left to go back home on Sunday morning. We definitely could have stayed at least another 2 days and done so much more!!

Ok, so I’m planning on splitting this post up into 3 sections…places to go, places to eat and then a sort of OOTD section where I talk about what I wore each day and all that good stuff! So let’s jump right in!

Screenshot 2018-07-29 13.27.47

Mount Rainier





We took a day trip with a tour group out to Mt. Rainier the first day we got there. It was a 12 hour tour and we all drove together in a bus. The actual state park was about 3 hours away but it went by pretty fast! Once we got to the actual park, we drove along different routes/roads throughout and stopped at a bunch of scenic stops. We saw beautiful waterfalls, valleys and of course the infamous mountain!

Apparently it’s only visible 90 days of the year…so we got super lucky! It was a long day but totally worth doing!!

The Space Needle




I’m sure you’ve all heard of the Space Needle. It’s Seattle’s most famous landmark!! When we got there, we took an elevator up to the top and got a gorgeous panoramic view of the city and harbor! I’m kind of afraid of heights so I wasn’t too enthusiastic about standing close to the edge to take pictures haha! I would have loved to go up at night…I can just imagine how pretty it would be then too! All in all, the space needle will probably take you about an hour…which isn’t bad at all!

Chihuly Garden and Glass Museum




Just look at how stunning this place is! Going in, I was like eh ok it’s going to be a museum with some small glass objects…nothing too exciting. But boy was I wrong! Seth even loved it! (and for a glass museum, that’s saying something!) There were huge glass sculptures that literally took your breath away. We spent about an hour walking around (which is a decent amount of time since it’s a pretty small museum). It’s actually right next to the Space Needle and you can get a ticket bundle (for the Space Needle and glass museum) which will save you a little money!

Pike Place Market




Again, I’m sure you’ve all heard of this market! When we got there, it was packed…and I mean packed! You could barely walk! It’s definitely worth going to though…they have tons of produce stands, flower stands, fish stands, souvenir stands and so much more!! It’s 3 stories…so you could easily spend hours just walking around the whole thing. You could also eat multiple meals there for multiple days. There are tons of neat seafood restaurants all throughout the market!

(Apparently they throw fish from stall to stall across the walkway…but they weren’t throwing any when we were there)

IMG_4666 2

We also saw the first ever Starbucks store (which is right across the street from the market). My inner coffee lover/Starbucks fan girl started freaking out when I saw it!

Safeco Field (Mariners Game)



We went to 2 Mariners games while we were there. Seth was in heaven. Their stadium is actually really nice and has a lot of great food options. They sell lobster rolls (what?!) and their pretzels are to die for. I would definitely recommend going if you or the person you’re with is a sports fan cause it’s something different to do and every now and then they’ll have a fireworks night!

Air and Space Museum




This is an awesome museum. At first, I didn’t think it would be that cool…Seth and I figured we might spend an hour and a half tops in here…but we ended up spending a little over 3 hours!! So unexpected, but there was so much to see and do! They had old commercial planes that you could get on and look at, old war planes (which were really cool to look at and read about) and a space ship that you could get on and tour around. If you go with kids, I think they would really love this place!

Seattle Ferry Ride




Selfie!!! We took so many selfies this trip omg haha. Anyway, a lot of people told us we should make sure to take a ferry ride while in Seattle…and I’m so glad we did! It was an hour long…so nothing too time consuming and it was tons of fun. They had a bar on the boat (um yay) and they took you all around the harbor. The tour guide was hilarious too. She was very knowledgable and made a few puns that I enjoyed.

Screenshot 2018-07-29 13.54.20

Biscuit B*tch



Yup, you read that right. That’s actually the name of the place we ate breakfast at the second morning we were there. It’s right in downtown Seattle and it’s the funniest place ever. They were blasting the song gold digger when we walked in and everything on their menu had the word b*tch in it. They specialize in, yup you guessed it, biscuits… and they were sooo good. I got a plain Nutella one and I was in heaven. There coffee is also really good too!!

Athenian Seafood Restaurant and Bar




If you go to Pike Place Market, you have to go to the Athenian! We stopped in for lunch and got the best seat in the house…right by the window!! Such a gorgeous view! I had the seafood bowl and omg was it amazing. The seafood was so fresh and flavorful. Seth had the fish and chips which were also amazing. You just can’t go wrong here and the prices were pretty reasonable too, which was nice!

Anchorhead Coffee



This is such a cute  downtown coffee place! I had their cold brew and it was one of the best cold brew’s I’ve ever had! Seth and I both got a mini coffee cake, which was yup you guessed it, also really yummy…(can you tell Seattle has great food?!) If you’re looking for a quick bite to eat with a good cup of coffee…Anchorhead is the spot!


I also just want to give an honorable mention to this “thing” I had at the Mariners game. I don’t remember where I got it from…whoops!! But I mean look at this thing…it’s an ice cream cookie sandwich covered in fruity pebbles….um yes please.

Screenshot 2018-07-29 14.02.44


So I’m realizing now that I failed you guys at the OOTD part of this post…I only took a picture in 2 of the 3 actual outfits I wore…ugh! But here’s the first one. It was pretty chilly in the mornings so I made sure to layer. The jeans are from AE, the bodysuit is from Nordstrom Rack, the cardigan is from Urban Outfitters and the sneaks are adidas!!


This second outfit is super casual and workout-y because I wore this the day we took the trip to Mount Rainier. It actually wasn’t that cold, which was surprising, so I wore the sweater for the morning and then took it off in the afternoon. The sweater is old…from Missguided, the leggings are Lulu, the t-shirt is AE and the *very dirty* sneaks are Nike!

I hope you guys enjoyed this Seattle travel guide! This was my first time doing a travell guide post so hopefully I hit all the highlights and it will help you if you’re planning a trip to Seattle sometime soon!


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