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Amazon is the bomb dot com. I needn’t say anymore because I know you all agree with me. (I felt very old timey English saying the word needn’t just then haha!) One of my favorite kinds of YouTube videos to watch are Amazon favorite videos, so I figured why not write a blog post version?! Please, please, please comment down below and let me know what some of your Amazon faves are…I’m always on the hunt for new Amazon goodies!! Oh also, all of these items are under $30…how amazing is that!!

Screenshot 2018-07-31 15.05.58

  1. Sling Shot Grippy Hip Circle :  this is my most recent purchase so I’ve only used it a couple times but oh my word does this thing work. If you’re looking to work that bootay then you need this in your life. If you don’t like being sore, then don’t get this cause you will be sore for dayssss!!
  2. Pink Bow Mules  :  how adorable are these?! They’re the perfect transition mule…you can wear them with a pair of white jean shorts in the summer and you can wear them with regular jeans and a cute sweater in the fall! They fit TTS and are only $19!!
  3. Velvet Hangers  :  these are a wardrobe staple for me. Without them, all my shirts would be slipping off the regular plastic hangers and ending up on the floor…it would be a hot mess! They’re also nice and thin which helps to save room!
  4. Travel Packing Cubes  :  let me just say…I never thought I would be a travel packing cube kinda gal. I always thought I didn’t need them…until I finally purchased some and fell in love. They’re super lightweight and don’t take up any room in your suitcase. They really do keep everything organized and in sections…which is super helpful because I always leave for trips very organized, but then I’ll come back from them very disorganized. So these have been a lifesaver in the organizational department (is that an actual department ?) haha!
  5. Castor Oil  :  castor oil is great for so many different things…it helps your hair stay strong and continue to grow, it helps nourish your nails and any other really dry patches of skin you might have. I love putting castor oil on my eyelashes at night to help them grow longer!
  6. Alaska Bear Natural Sleep Mask  :  I bought this sleeping mask for my trip to South Africa last year and I fell in love. Can you fall in love with a sleep mask?! Idk, but I did. It’s super soft and silky (but not that fake silk feel) and it was big enough that it really did block out all the light. I slept for the entire flight (12 hours)…it was basically a miracle.
  7. Fabric Storage Bins  :  I love using storage bins to keep our apartment organized. I recently purchased 2 of these so I could keep our wedding planning stuff in one and other random stuff in the other! They come in all kinds of colors and sizes so they’re perfect for all types of storage areas!
  8. Nail Polish Organizer  :  I’ve been wanting one of these for so long and I finally got one and it’s been the best thing ever. I have tons of nail polishes that were all just hanging out randomly in a drawer. I bought this holder to keep them all together and it’s worked great. I like how it can hold up to 40 bottles and the tiers are tall enough that you can see what nail polishes are in the back row.
  9. Jade Facial Roller  :  now, this might be a little *extra* but I’m going to put this in here anyway! I added this jade roller step to my morning skincare routine a few months back and I’ve been loving it. Jade rollers help to get the blood flowing throughout your face, which in turn keeps your skin nice and plump, keeps it looking younger and helps protect it against wrinkles. I haven’t noticed a dramatic change but my skin has definitely been more plump and awake looking!
  10. Silicon Coverups  :  I feel like every girl needs a pair of these, especially in the summertime. Half my summer shirts have an open back or are so see-through that a regular bra would show to much. I like this brand of coverups because they’re a perfect natural shade and they don’t slip or fall off in the middle of a nice dinner!!
  11. Magnolia Table Cookbook  : please get this book. If you like cooking or baking or are just in love with Joanna (like me), then get this book. I’ve made a few recipes from here and they’ve all been delicious. I like how they’re all pretty easy to make…nothing requires a ton of steps or hard to find ingredients. And I mean come on, it’s Joanna…anything she makes or writes or talks about is going to be amazing.
  12. Barney Butter Chocolate Almond Butter  : ok, so I’m usually always craving Nutella. I mean who isn’t. But when I want to be healthier, I’ve started reaching for this chocolate almond spread and it really is good! Now, it’s no Nutella and it isn’t even really a good substitute for it…but it’s pretty close and is definitely healthier! I like this brand because it’s really chocolatey (I feel like with some other brands there’s just a *hint* of chocolate) and it’s pretty inexpensive for an almond butter!
  13. Jade Leaf Matcha Green Tea Powder : matcha powder is perfect to put in smoothies or in tea and it’s a great afternoon pick me up! Since matcha is naturally caffeinated, it’s great to have when you’re in an energy slump or as a replacement for your morning coffee! I like this brand because it’s organic and they sell 3 different sized packets…so if you just wanted to try it out, they have a 1oz starter size for only $9!






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